IP-1 & IP-2 Flexible Packaging


The PacTec LiftPac® LLW flexible containment packaging can be supplied as IP-1 or IP-2 certification supported by a Certificate of Conformity. The IP-1 package can be used to contain all types of materials such as soils, gravel, demolition debris, metals and single solid items such as metal containers. The IP-2 package has been tested and certified for a homogenous mix of materials such as demolition debris, rubble soils, etc. Both types are patented and are manufactured combining differing materials, unique manufacturing techniques and zipper closures developed during the development and testing. The flexible packaging provides a unique, robust and safe containment solution for LLW that is utilised across the globe and can be transported by rail, flatbed truck or intermodal containers.

Download Game Changer: Flexible Packaging 
  • Storage, transport, and disposal of flowable solids and debris
  • Approved for LLW and VLLW waste
  • Replaces metal and wooden boxes
  • Easy to handle, load and store
  • One piece design for easy use
  • Reduced project footprint           
  • IAEA regulations compliance - IP-1 & IP-2 certified            
  • Multi layered option delivers flexibility for different wastes
  • Costs 80-90% less than comparable rigid containers 
  • Patented zipper closures are safer and faster than conventional methods
  • Improved contamination control and dose management

Case Studies:
Download Magnox Chaplecross 


Download Magnox RSRL Harwell & Winfrith

EZ Loading Frame

In addition to our standard loading frames, PacTec’s innovative research and design department has created an optional loading frame for large size LiftPac® IP-1/IP-2 flexible containers. The EZ Loading Frame is easy to ship, assemble, load, and stores in areas where space is a concern.


Download LLWR - PacTec Packaging


Download Loading a LiftPac


Download Harwell Drop Test


Download LiftPac Comparison to Japanese Bags


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