LLW Packaging

Building on our knowledge and expertise of materials and specialised manufacturing techniques of industrial packaging, PacTec EPS Ltd. has introduced several variations of our LiftPac® flexible LLW radioactive waste packaging. These solutions align with the IAEA transport regulations for the ‘safe transport of radioactive materials’, SSR-6.

Our packages have been independently tested and approved for the varying categories of VLLW and LLW and provide the most cost-effective and fit for purpose packaging and transport solutions. Based upon your waste characterisation, PacTec can provide you with the flexible waste packaging to meet your needs.

PacTec has engineered a full suite of flexible packaging solutions for every category of LLW, detailed below from excepted package characterised waste to Type IP-2 Low-Level Waste.

Include PacTec LLW packaging in your ‘Emergency Planning’ for accident recovery. A contingency of PacTec packages carried with each shipment take up minimal space and provide the emergency planning contingency in case of accident recovery.