• Sellafield Ltd SME Innovation Award 2015

  • Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster Awards 2014 – Winner
  • Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster Awards 2012 – Winner Business Innovation
  • Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster Awards 2018 – Runner-up Innovation & Creativity (view nomination video here)

  • NDA Estate Supply Chain Awards 2013 Best example of Innovation by an SME – Highly Commended
  • PacTec EPS Ltd won the NDA award for “Best Application of an innovative solution with tangible savings/benefits: SME” Highly Commended.
  • PacTec, EPS Ltd. and the other winners of this year’s prestigious NDA Estate Supply Chain Awards were announced to a packed audience in Manchester. The awards, launched last year, recognise the contribution of suppliers to the UK’s nuclear clean-up mission and were among the highlights of yesterday’s NDA Estate Supply Chain Event. A series of categories highlighted the value of joint working, dedication to the job and innovative thinking.

Ron Gorham, Chair of the judging panel and the NDA’s Head of Supply Chain and SME Champion, said: “The standard of entries this year was incredibly high and we are immensely proud to acknowledge the role of our suppliers in supporting the timely, cost-effective decommissioning of our sites. The winners have demonstrated a creative ability to innovate, as well as to draw in and adapt technologies from outside the nuclear industry, while also working collaboratively and showing an absolute determination to overcome problems and difficulties.”

The noted highlights of PacTec’s commendation are:

  • Significant support for opening a new waste route
  • Bespoke designed packaging for contaminated equipment
  • New way of thinking about packaging
  • Assessment of fit-for-purpose needs rather than over-engineering
  • Maximised packaging efficiency
  • Alleviating demand for space in the LLW repository




From Studsvik UK

“Many thanks for your expert serve (with a smile), much appreicated! “

From ATKINSGlobal 2018

“Thanks for sorting this and keeping to schedule, we are all systems go for the work needed, so it’s much appreciated to PacTec from us. “

Augean PLC

From Gene Wilson – Group Technical Director
Augean PLC East Northants Resource Management Facility Stamford Road Kings Cliffe

“PacTec have been providing support to Augean specifically with packaging and disposal requirements for VLLW/LLW. Their help has been invaluable in explaining to the public, operators and regulators how in using the PacTec LiftPac system the waste can be safely transported, handled and disposed of meeting the needs and expectations of all. The support provided by PacTec gives us a high degree of confidence in the LiftPac system along with the quality of the technical and engineering support available. “


According to Sellafield 2018 Awards

PacTec have a really innovative product that has revolutionised the way we package items taken out of Legacy Ponds. PacTec work closely with the operations teams in providing bespoke package solutions; taking into account size, containment and remote handling requirements. The use of PacTec bags  has accelerated export of hazardous waste with significant dose reductions for our operators.

From Dorothy Gradden – Head of FGMSP
Sellafield Supply Chain Awards – SME Innovation Winner

Delighted to hear about your award. Well deserved. The support that you gave to the B29 team as we moved forward with retrievals was second to non and I look forward to continuing to work with yourselves on FGMSP

From Phil Hanson – Mechanical Engineer
Sort Segregate Consolidate & Condition Project

Excellent containers, the unit used on our project at SL performed perfectly. Will be using the same design again. PacTec help and advice was excellent. For decommissioning and waste removal, PacTec was the perfect choice.

From Thomas Hampson – Sub-Project Manager
Dragon Waste Project & B241 Pump Module Project Solid Waste and E&EP Project Group

Great news. On behalf of the project, we can’t thank you enough for your support and excellent help in getting us to this point.


From David Hutchinson – Project Manager
Doosan Power Systems Ltd

Following a review of the radiological data, Doosan Power Systems undertook a transport risk assessment and decided that an IP-1 Certified “PacTec” overpack would be the best option for the safe transport of ten 7.5 Tonne Radioactively Contaminated Shield Doors from Berkeley to Gateshead. The Doors were to be decontaminated at Doosan Power Systems Active Waste Management Facility and Magnox required removal of the doors quickly from site to achieve a major milestone. PacTec responded very swiftly with a bespoke design and following agreement of the design PacTec manufactured the overpaks and delivered them directly to Berkeley allowing the removal of all 10 Items from Berkeley before the key date, therefore meeting the Key Magnox Milestone. Without PacTec’s very professional and efficient response the Key Milestone would not have been met.


Many thanks to PacTec once again for your service and quick response to our urgent request!

From Ms Jill Garner – Environment, Safety and Health PacTec
AWE Aldermaston

Many thanks once again for your help, support and fantastically quick service!

From Carly Carter – MSc MCIPS Supply Chain Manager
AWE PLC, Aldermaston

Brilliant – thank you Liz – great service. 


From David Sennewald – ISIS Deputy Radioactive Waste Manager
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Harwell

Here’s a few photos of the Ion exchange columns in the pactec bags. They worked really well at both ends (RAL and Veolia). 


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