Rail Wagon Liners

RailPac® ensures the safest transportation of contaminated waste materials with a form-fit design to keep our liners securely in place. Manufactured from your choice of extruded or woven polymeric fabrics, these liners and tarps are designed for your rail wagon’s exact specifications and custom sizes are always available. The patented zipper ensures quick and easy installation and closure and can be fitted with a tamper indication device to deter unauthorized access.

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  • Applications:
    • Construction debris

    • Contaminated soil

    • Sludges

    • Ash wastes and powders

  • Features:
    • Patented zipper closure

    • Form fit design

    • Made from polymeric fabrics or films for your specific waste

    • IP-1

  • Advantages:
    • Installs in minutes

    • Ability to incorporate a tamper-resistant device

    • Patented closure method saves time and money

    • Top cover keeps out rain and snow

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