Excepted Package

These flexible waste packages were designed, tested, and manufactured for loading, storing, and transporting contaminated soils, debris, brick, and concrete rubble. The Excepted Package LiftPac® is a cost-effective and robust packaging solution for VLLW ‘Excepted Package’ characterised wastes.

This package design was put through rigorous trials conducted by a UK NDA site to ensure their suitability for these waste materials. They have been tested for “Routine Conditions of Transport” for VLLW radioactive wastes and are underpinned by Package Design Safety Report check sheet (PDSR) and supplied with a Certificate of Conformance (COC).

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  • Applications:
    • Contaminated Soils

    • Concrete Rubble

    • Construction Debris

    • VLLW

  • Features:
    • Comes with COC (Certificate of Conformance)

    • Cost-effective design for initial packaging of soils and debris

    • Can be used to transport waste to disposal site

    • Complies with EFIBCA standards for dangerous goods

  • Advantages:
    • Custom designs for specific customer requirements

    • Designed and Tested for Routine Conditions of Transport

    • Comes with PDSR (Package Design Safety Report)

    • Over 25 years of manufacturing experience for LLW packaging

    • ISO certification at all manufacturing facilities with robust QA program

    • Team of engineers for product design, testing, and certification