Bespoke Nuclear Packaging

PacTec provides engineering and technical service to customers that require packages for unique and specific applications. Having the experience and technical engineering capability to engineer packages for ‘one-off’ solutions is part of our mission and reputation. We have over 30 years of manufacturing and engineering experience to design a product that fits a wide range of packaging applications. Many of these packages meet the requirements of IP1, under IAEA, SSR6, Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.

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  • Applications:
    • Storage and Transport of size reduced objects

    • Irregular or Large Equipment

    • Overpacks for non-compliant packages

    • Some Metal Waste

    • LSA-I and SCO-I

    • Hazard reduction of ILW waste

  • Features / Options:
    • Can be designed for containment of residual liquids

    • A wide variety of proprietary materials for different applications

    • Can be designed with zippers for manual or remote closure of the package

    • Zippers can be air-tight and water-tight

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