IP-3 LiftPac®

The Type IP-3 LiftPac® LLW flexible containment package builds on our tested and certified Type IP-2 flexible packaging by enduring additional testing – including penetration, water spray and extreme temperature. Suitable for soil, sand, gravel and construction debris, this package provides a fit-for-purpose solution for LSA-III Low Level Waste (not under exclusive use) and ensures compliance with the requirements for Type IP-3 packaging under IAEA, SSR-6, Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.

We offer a range of Type IP-3 packages of varying sizes and safe working loads (SWL) from 1 cubic meter and 1,500 kgs, and up to 6.78 cubic meters and 10,890 kgs.

All PacTec Type IP-3 LiftPacs® can be provided with underpinning Package Design Safety Report (PDSR) documentation, i.e. Certificate of Approval, Design Safety Report, Technical Instructions and Operator Instructions. They are also supplied with an approved Certificate of Conformance (COC) and are labelled with individual serial numbers, providing for full traceability of materials and manufacturing.

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  • Applications:
    • LSA-III Low Level Waste

    • Contaminated Soils

    • Concrete Rubble

    • Construction Debris

    • Some Metal Waste

  • Features:
    • Meets the requirements of IP-3, under IAEA, SSR-6, Regulations for the Safe Transport of
      Radioactive Material

    • Comes with COC (Certificate of Conformance)

    • Weatherproof document pouches

    • Can be used to transport waste to disposal site

    • Traceability Report provided

  • Advantages:
    • Designed and Tested for the requirements for Type IP-3

    • Comes with PDSR (Package Design Safety Report)

    • Custom designs for specific customer requirements

    • Over 25 years of manufacturing experience for LLW packaging

    • ISO certificationISO certificationISO certification at all manufacturing facilities with robust QA program

    • Team of engineers for product design, testing, and certification

    • More cost effective and more fit-for-purpose as compared to metal containers

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