Collapsible Spill Tray

The BermPac® Collapsible Spill Tray is a useful catch-all for small leaks and spills. This flexible collapsible spill containment tray can fold and roll into a compact size when not in use. When folded, these spill trays are no bigger than the standard closed umbrella. However, when needed, the spill tray can easily unroll and be deployed as a drip pan under pipe fittings, vehicle engines, and small equipment.

As a portable spill berm, it also provides peace of mind when filling items like bottles with oils or other chemicals- catching the inevitable overflow or spills and keeping the area clean. You can even use this portable spill containment as a storage pad for empty liquid containers, like oil and transmission fluid cans or greasy tools. They even provide spill solutions in labs or any location where chemical spills are likely.

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  • Applications:
    • Spill Kits

    • Service Trucks

    • Fuel Tanker Trucks

    • Fleet Rental Companies

  • Features:
    • Instant set-up

    • Made from quality 18 oz. vinyl

    • Multiple sizes available

    • Ideal for most drips and spills

  • Advantages:
    • Compact & portable

    • Collapsible and stores easily in small spaces

    • Cost effective

    • Small footprint with large capacity

    • Keep your site safe and clean

    • Reduce risk to people, property, and environment

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