Hinge Bracket Spill Containment Berm

PacTec’s Hinge Bracket BermPac® spill berms are the ideal solution because they are designed to meet environmental protection laws and protect employee health and safety while offering labour savings and convenience to your operations.

One person can easily unfold the hinge bracket berms and raise each L-bracket hinge to a 90-degree angle on all four berm sides. This utility helps avoid job scheduling delays since you do not need to schedule two people to manage most sizes of the hinge bracket spill containment berms. The portability of the bracketed spill berms also means you have more flexibility concerning the jobs you can accept. These spill berms are rugged and can contain large spills and leaks of petroleum products and chemicals.

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  • Applications
    • Tanker Trucks

    • Decon Wash Pads

    • Drum Storage

  • Features
    • Custom hinge locks when in upright position

    • Brackets can be removed/replaced

    • Many material choices available

    • Many standard and custom sizes available

    • Company logo can be added

  • Advantages
    • Prompt manufacturing lead time

    • Portable, reusable, and repairable

    • Durable and lightweight

    • Easy to set up, move, and disassemble

  • Accessories Available:
    • Ground covers

    • Rubber matting

    • Hose bridges

    • Carry bag

  • Videos: